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MMGI Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Get some answers before you get started.

You do. The rights to your original content will always be yours. We will store your book digitally and manufacture as many copies as request.

We suggest you request our FREE MMGI Guide to Publishing that helps you to see the company’s attention to detail that will help you achieve your excellent final product.

No, but having a consultation with the MMGI coaching team will assure that your book contains all of its necessary requirements that will allow you to maximize your investment.

Not at all, we have a team of seasoned editors and graphic designers waiting and wanting to assist you with your book project.

With our state of the art system, we’re able to print both paperback and hardcover books.

From the time you submit your book for publication, the editing process is completed, and you approve the cover and content, your book will be published in as little as 30 days.

Content assessment is the process in which MMGI Books evaluates your manuscript to ensure that it meets our standards for publishing.

Print-on-demand means exactly what it implies: we print books as they are ordered. This method allows the author to retain full control of their book without any unnecessary storage fees.